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Martinsville Upgrades Utility Meters and Street Lights

If you’re a city resident, have you gotten your new meter yet? If so, has the cost of your electricity gone up?

City officials say they have spent $7.4 million dollars in the hopes the new meters will result in $172,000 more revenue a year. It wasn’t explained whether the old meters don’t record all the electricity being used or whether they are difficult to read accurately with the advantage going to the customer. Either way, about a third of the units have been replaced and the rest are expected to be done by the time the weather gets warm.

Electric meters aren’t the only thing being replaced. Water meters are also being swapped out for new ones and the city’s 3,000 street lights are being changed over to LED lights that are expected to last longer and use less power.

At least two employees, meter readers, are expected to be let go as a result of the project.

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