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“Southern Nationalists” Invade Virginia

Charlottesville update… “Southern Nationalists” as they call themselves, have been demonstrating against the effort to remove Confederate symbols on public display on public property.

James Alex Fields, Jr. of Ohio, has been arrested after killing a 32-year-old woman and injuring 19 when he plowed his car into a group of people who had gathered to protest the demonstration.

The demonstration and protests are specifically over a statue of Robert E. Lee displayed by the City of Charlottesville. Some here have pointed out there is a public display of a monument that stands in memory of Confederate soldiers in Uptown Martinsville on the “Courthouse Square.” It has been there for 116 years. One distinction regarding this monument and others in public places – this monument is privately owned and on private property. Henry County deeded the property over to the local Historical Society when the group took on the responsibility of raising money and renovating the building.

There is a list of Confederate symbols in public display on public property. Virginia has 223, reportedly the most of any other state. Two of them are in Martinsville – road names – Jefferson Davis Drive and Jeb Stuart Road.

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