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Planning Commission Member Wants to Stop Henry County from Buying City Land

Here’s a novel idea, since Martinsville and Henry County seem likely never to seriously consider a merger of the localities, what if Henry County just bought the land?

Ural Harris, former Council candidate and Planning Commission member says he wants to put a stop to Henry County buying up land in the city. Once the county owns it, the property becomes non-taxable to the city. Assistant City Manager Wayne Knox says it would be illegal for one government to block the sale of private land to another government.

The latest skirmish comes as the Harvest Foundation awarded Henry County enough money to buy city land and continue the Dick and Willie Trail through the backyards of a number of city residents. The residents cried foul, and Council realized they didn’t have a clue what was going on. County Administrator Tim Hall says they are addressing the privacy concerns of the residents.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Planning Commission ignored Harris’ remarks, including his motion for a public hearing on the matter.

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