About Us

Martinsville Daily is an online newspaper serving the Martinsville and Henry County area since 2003. This website serves as an aggregate news portal for WHEE-AM1370, WMVA-AM1450, and WYAT-TV40, all part of the Wyatt Media Group.

WMVA-AM1450 began broadcasting in 1941. Although it is the oldest station in the group, it is the newest addition, having joined our network in 2005. WMVA is an affiliate of Westwood One News, Virginia News Network, CBS Sports Radio, Motor Racing Network (MRN), Virginia Tech Football and Basketball, University of North Carolina Football and Basketball, Washington Redskins, and Washington Nationals affiliate. WMVA broadcasts sports 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The group started with WHEE-AM1370 in November, 1997. WHEE began broadcasting in 1954. WHEE is a CBS Radio News, Virginia News Network, and University of Virginia Football and Basketball affiliate. Weekday programming includes: America’s Morning News, Coffee Break, Classifieds, Religious Time, Dave Ramsey, Clark Howard, and Evening Local News. Weekends include: Kim Komando, Andre Viette, Mayo Clinic Radio, CBS News Weekend Edition, Face the Nation, Meet the Press, and many local Church broadcasts.

WYAT-TV was founded in 1999 and began broadcasting from Martinsville in 2003. WYAT is an Independent Station broadcasting over-the air- on UHF40, on Comcast Cable Channel 99, Chatmoss Cable Channel 16, and over the internet at WYAT40.com. In addition to various programs throughout the day and night, we produce locally a daily talk show, daily classifieds program, daily local news program, and several church broadcasts.