Hurricane Florence Likely to Impact Our Area

(National Hurricane Center)

Hurricane Florence gained strength Sunday and is expected to turn into a major storm by tonight as it continues toward the East Coast. Landfall is currently projected to be around the Wilmington, North Carolina area Thursday night or early Friday morning. The Governors of Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina have declared states of emergency. Residents along the coast are at risk of storm surge and everyone in range inland is at risk of flooding from heavy rainfall.

A key element in this weather event is the possibility that it stalls out over the Southeast pouring heavy rain over already soaked grounds.

Locally, scattered showers and thunderstorms are expected every day this week with flooding possible. The main risk for us is flooding from prolonged heavy rainfall. Your 7-day weather forecast calls for 30 to 60 percent chance of rain through Sunday. Highs between 79 and 83 and lows 66 to 69.


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