Martinsville author to debut “The Only Dragon” October 20 at Dragon Festival


MARTINSVILLE, Virginia — Author and journalist Stephen H. Provost will debut “The Only
Dragon,” his latest release October 20 at the Virginia Museum of Natural History’s Dragon

Where did our stories of dragons originate? How did this mighty creature come to breathe fire, and whose treasure did it guard? Why does the dragon figure so prominently in the legends lands 5,000 miles apart: feared in the West but beloved in the East? The answers to all these questions and more lie within … if you believe.

Journey back into the mists of time and discover a new myth about an ancient legend. Meet an old wizard caught between two ambitious kings who discovers and unexpected visitor on the doorstep of his woodland home — a visitor who will change his life forever.

Join that visitor, Tara, as she flies to the ends of the earth to seek help from another kindly
wizard and his acolyte, who have harnessed the magic of fire. That magic has fallen into the wrong hands, and Tara must race against time to save her friend’s woodland home from disaster. She will need help from an insightful gray tabby named Argentus and a mysterious woman who is more than she appears.

Stephen H. Provost translated his lifelong fascination with dragons into this, his latest release, written specifically to be unveiled at Martinsville’s inaugural Dragon Festival. Provost will also have copies of his paranormal adventures “Memortality,” “Paralucidity” and “Identity Break” available for sale at the festival, along with “Nightmare’s Eve,” a collection of short stories similar in theme to “The Twilight Zone.”

His wife and fellow author Samaire Provost will be on hand to sell and sign copies of her urban contemporary vampire adventure “Romanov” (which features a dragon of its own), as well as her “Mad World” trilogy: “Epidemic,” “Sanctuary” and “Desperation.”

The Dragon Festival will feature a variety of attractions, including storytelling, live-action
history and education; a fire-breather; dragon art, figurines and sculptures; a dragon parade, plant and animal fossils; a craft corner; and live snakes. For more information about the festival, visit here.

About the author

A former veteran editor, reporter and columnist with more than 30 years of experience at daily newspapers in California, he recently moved to the Martinsville area to write novels and nonfiction books full time.

As an author, he has written historical nonfiction (“Fresno Growing Up” and “Highway 99: The History of California’s Main Street”), novels (“Memortality” and “Identity Break”), while also exploring the realms of mythology, fable and ancient history.

About the book

Title: The Only Dragon
Author: Stephen H. Provost
Publisher: Dragon Crown Books
Publication Date: October 1, 2018
Price: $11.95
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 978-1-7320632-8-0
Formats: 6” x 9” trade paperback, 196 pages; e-book.


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